Advantages of being 8(a) Certified

8(a) Certification Qualifications

The 8(a) Certification was created for Small business owned by minorities throughout the United States. Each year the Federal Government is required to award 5% of their contracts to 8(a) Certified businesses.

  • Special Bidding Preferences – 8(A) small businesses also receive preferential consideration when competing for open-bid contracts that are available to the rest of the federal marketplace

  • Subcontracting Options – 8(A) small businesses may subcontract on the jobs they are awarded. That way smaller organizations don’t miss out on any larger prospects because of potential operational size limitations.

  • Private Sector Opportunities – 8(A) certified organizations are also eligible to access exclusive private sector contracting opportunities outside the federal government.

Currently, there are not enough 8(A) small businesses to receive most of these lucrative benefits, leaving plenty of valuable contract opportunities to simply gather dust. In fact, of the $71.5 billion reserved for 8(A) small businesses in 2018, only $29.5 billion of those work opportunities were claimed.

That means nearly 1-in-3 federally available 8(A) contracts are going to waste each year, and all qualified businesses need to do to access them is register as an 8(A) organization. When they do, they’ll also gain access to these other valuable benefits:

Qualifies for Small Business Status and is not currently nor has ever been a part of the 8(a) program

Over 51% owned and controlled by economically or socially disadvantaged U.S. citizens

Minority and disadvantaged business owners manage day-to-day and long-term operations

Business Owners personal net worth and average adjusted gross income is under $250,000

Small Business

51% Owner

Manage Operations

You deserve more. 5% more.

Enjoy the extra 5% set-aside for all Federal Contracts!

Join the Federal Marketplace as a Certified Minority Owned Small Business!


To register and qualify for 8(a) status with the federal government, an organization must at least meet the following criteria:

If you believe your business qualifies for 8(A) certification don’t wait and miss out on the federal opportunities you deserve.

Owner's Personal Net Worth

Certification Process

Pre Qualify

Submission of Documents

Certification Completition

Determine if your business is eligible for the 8(a) Federal Certification

After qualifying, begin your document submission for review and edits

Documents pass final review, Certificate is delivered

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